Radical Success At The Radisson

What: Mediating Fiji’s telecom sector liberalization

Areas: Telecom, Competition, Dispute resolution

MacmillanKeck Lead: Rory Macmillan

Fiji’s telecom sector was tied up with exclusive licences and litigation challenging the Government’s plans to introduce competition. We conducted a hub-and-spokes mediation process bringing around the table the Minister of Finance, Attorney General and Minister of Telecommunications and Tourism for the Government, and the CEOs and Chairmen of Vodafone Fiji, Cable & Wireless Fiji, Telecom Fiji and Amalgamated Telecom Holdings (ATH). As the TV cameras rolled in at 2am on the fourth night, the parties signed the ‘Radisson Accord’ providing the framework for sector liberalisation and withdrawal of litigation. We also drafted the new telecom law and advised on tendering new licences.