When Two More Is Better Than One

What: Introducing telecom competition in Timor Leste

Areas: Telecom, Competition

MacmillanKeck Lead: Rory Macmillan

Competition can be very healthy…when done right. After gaining independence from Indonesia, the Government of Timor Leste awarded Portugal Telecom (PT) an exclusive concession. After becoming dissatisfied with performance in this area, Timor Leste sought to introduce competition. They asked us to represent them in this area of critical importance to their economy. We advised the Government on its policy and strategy and negotiated an end to PT’s monopoly and privatisation of the concession assets. We then drafted a telecom law to regulate a competitive sector, managed the tender of two new licences, and prepared the establishment of a new sector regulator. Our tender design secured 95% coverage commitments for mobile broadband from two new entrants.